About WISE

The intelligent use of resources is infused across the entire system of Services Group of America companies. This is a driving factor in our operations resulting in:

• Lowered consumption
• Smarter processes
• Innovative technologies
• Eco-friendly products

Our ethic of working diligently to continually improve our efficiencies results in:

• Green equipment
• Energy-efficient distribution centers
• Operations that minimize unnecessary consumption

Attention to detail, judicious choices and a system which rewards risk-taking to drive innovation and initiative add up to a corporation looking toward the future.

Green Buildings

The SGA Corporate Center headquarters features:

• An advanced computerized building energy management system
• Reduced need for interior lighting
• Motion sensors to reduce lighting usage
• Energy-efficient T5 fluorescent lighting
• Solar film-tinted exterior windows to reduce heat gain by up to 35%
• Reduced water use with drought tolerant landscaping
• Reduced water use with drip irrigation
• Water conserving low-flow toilets and motion-sensitive faucets

Our different branch locations feature:

• Energy-efficient food refrigeration systems
• Energy-efficient HVAC systems
• Energy-efficient florescent lighting systems
• Motion sensors to reduce lighting usage in low traffic areas
• High-speed, low-energy doors to keep storage areas cool
• Electric forklifts and pallet jacks
• Energy-efficient insulation for wall panel structures
• Door and dock seals to reduce refrigeration loss
• Double and triple-deep product retrieval systems for more efficient use of space
• Vertical warehouse design to reduce cooling costs
• Reflective roof systems to reduce heat transfer and solar gain

Green Processes

• Pallet recycling programs
• Cardboard recycling programs
• Plastic recycling programs
• Water recycling programs
• Metal recycling programs
• Office paper recycling programs
• Packaging reduction initiatives
• Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
• Filtering ponds for storm water runoff
• Warehouse management system for efficient routing

Green Activities

• Organic product distribution
• Car pool programs for Associates
• Energy efficiency committees
• Web-based online training programs to reduce travel

Green Trucks

• Use of fuel-efficient tires
• Used tire trade-in program
• Tire Air Inflation System to ensure proper inflation
• Super Single Tires to reduce friction
• Air Shield Farings to increase aerodynamic efficiency
• Truck Set Speed to reduce fuel consumption
• Automatic transmissions for reduced fuel consumption
• Low RPM, high-torque motors to reduce fuel consumption
• Automatic engine shut down after 5 minutes of idling
• Extended intervals between oil changes
• Recycle used oil filters
• Extended-life antifreeze and recycled antifreeze
• Airbag suspension for longer life and better fuel utilization
• LED lights for longer life
• Electric hybrid 22-foot refrigerated box truck

Green Reefer Units

• Auto shut off
• Quiet Reefer
• Optimal temperature shut off
• Auto shut off when door is open
• Electric stand-by
• Plug in at dock for reduced fuel use
• High speed & low speed motors for reduced fuel use
• Long life coolant & recycled coolant
• Ozone-friendly freon

Green Trailers

• Liners made from recycled materials
• Bulkhead system to maintain temperatures
• Rear ramp and side ramp reduces open door time
• Air System for tires for reduced fuel consumption
• Lightweight aluminum rims for better fuel mileage
• LED lights
• Super Single X 1 Michelin Tires for reduced fuel use
• Automatic Timer Switch for lights
• Air Bag Suspension for better fuel mileage
• Tri-Fold Rear Doors – Fuel Savings with the ability to Open One Door Fold at a time
• LED Break Lights on Top & Back of Trailer – Reduces Accidents
• Adjustable Bulkheads - reduce run time of reefer Units and fuel savings

Green Maintenance

• Recycled oil
• Recycled oil filters
• Recycled antifreeze
• Recycled batteries
• Reclaimed freon
• Re-capped tires
• Extended life oil
• Extended life coolant

FSA Portland Awarded for Sustainability Efforts

Recycling at the Portland food show
FSA Portland's Pamela Lewis (l.) with Tim Libra (r.) of OCC at the food show.

FSA Portland was recently named a Sustainability Partner by the Oregon Convention Center for its commitment to reducing waste at their events.

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FSA Named 'Ocean Hero' for Environmental Leadership

MSC award

FSA has been recognized by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as an Ocean Hero for its outstanding environmental leadership and support for the MSC and its mission.

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Solar Power Proves Bright Idea at SGA Home Office

Solar power at SGA

We are committed to the wise use of natural resources and that commitment is shown through the solar power project at the home office in Scottsdale.

The system has been successfully running since January 2013 providing a significant amount of the total electricity used in the building. The project contains 85,000 square feet of solar panels cleverly constructed over the top deck of the parking garage - providing both shade and power in space which generally goes unused.

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FSA Supports Local Ranchers

local rancher

FSA supports local ranchers who are passionate about the health and welfare of their stock to provide a better end result for our beef brands. Modern ranching also can preserve wildlife habitat with respectful land stewardship measures. By observing humane practices throughout the supply chain, we demonstrate the utmost respect for animal welfare and the environment.

Ameristar Meats Supports Land Stewardship

Ameristar Meats partners with responsible ranchers like Brian and Deb Gotham to provide beef raised in a time-honored, traditional manner.

In this video, Mitch Friedman, Executive Director of Conservation Northwest, says ranchers like the Gothams who are committed to keeping open spaces to raise cattle, provide the best compatibility for wildlife conservation. Mitch cites the stewardship that the Gothams provide by managing their lands and raising their cattle by horseback, “is compatible with the highest form of protection in America.”

By the Bean Coffee is Sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Farms

By the Bean, an exclusive coffee from Food Services of America (FSA), is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms that meet the rigorous criteria of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN).

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By the Bean Coffee is Sustainable and Responsible

All of the By the Bean coffee blends are supplied for Food Services of America by Distant Lands Coffee, a socially responsible coffee producer which is an industry leader in sustainable agricultural practices. In this video, Leslie Brazeua, Director of Marketing, Distant Lands Coffee, discusses the standards set for sustainable coffee processing from their advanced mills which use hydroelectric power generated on-site and a biomass furnace which recycles the by-product of the coffee fruit as a fuel for drying the coffee.

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Solar Power Generates Large Portion of Electricity Used at SGA Corporate Center

Solar project

Did you know that The SGA Corporate Center's solar power project generates enough electricity to supply 40 percent of the building’s power needs during peak use periods and 100 percent of the building's power needs during non-peak periods?

FSA Seattle Certified in Food Alliance Distribution

Both of FSA Seattle’s distribution centers have been recognized as Food Alliance Certified Handlers, our second and third locations to receive this significant industry designation.

Seattle follows FSA Portland, the first of our distribution facilities passing a third-party audit by Food Alliance, a national nonprofit offering the most comprehensive certification in North America for sustainable agricultural and food handling practices.
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FSA Debuts Hybrid Truck

Food Services of America showed off its newest hybrid delivery truck which saves more than 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel per year and cuts idle time by 87% over the traditional delivery truck.

Culinary Students Get Sustainability Education

Ken Rubin from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Portland explains how a new generation of chefs are exploring a career with sustainability in mind.

FSA Portland Commits to Recycling at Food Show
Food Services of America Portland diverted 80% of its waste at its ‘Cruise-In’ Annual Food Show at the Portland Expo Center on May 6, 2015.

According to the diversion report, nearly 8,000 pounds of food- about 6,500 meals- and leftover, unopened food samples were donated to the Oregon Food Bank, equaling 31% of the total materials.

A wide range of waste is generated at these food shows; from food samples, printed materials, plastic utensils, packaging, and more. To combat the amount, FSA staffed the recycling stations to ensure materials went to the proper place.

While still shy of their zero waste rate goal set in 2011, FSA Portland's efforts reflect their committment to sustainable practices and helped them earn a certification from the Food Alliance for sustainable business practices.